The Newly Redesigned Ztylus Revolver Kit for iPhone 7/7 Plus is HERE!


We’ve been in development for with our newly redesigned RV-3 Revolver Lens and Ztylus Cases for the last few months and we’re proud to announce that the Revolver Lens Kit for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is now available!

With the introduction of this new Revolver Lens comes some major improvements. The Ztylus Revolver Lens Kit for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with a newly designed casewith hand polished brass accents and the latest RV-3 Revolver Lens with upgraded lenses to have improved sharpness with amazing optical performance.


Our cases are quality crafted with a mixture of alloy, brass and premium polycarbonate. The hand polished brass accents add a touch of luxury and give your phone a truly unique look that stands out.

The cutouts on the case allow for easy and comfortable access to all of your ports and controls. There are also speaker and microphone cutouts to ensure there is full functionality of all of your standard phone functions.

With the Ztylus case and lens system, you can now use the lens, case and a screen protector all at once. Our case provides all around protection for bumps and scratches and the raised lip protects your display screen when you set the phone face down. The Ztylus Revolver Kit allows the whole system to work together in harmony without sacrificing protection.


The Revolver 4-in-1 Lens Attachment allows you to easily attach 4 lenses to your Ztylus case. With the 4 high quality lenses, you can take better photos with the flip of your wrist. The new Smart-Flip technology allows the lens to flip out and automatically lock into place.


Based on our successful RV-2 Revolver Lens, we have improved the optics to deliver a much clearer picture quality. Our lenses now feature polished brass lens housings and upgraded optics for sharper images.


The integrated metal kickstand can be used in landscape orientation for a hands free experience when viewing multimedia, managing photo slideshows, or displaying clocks and calendars.

For a limited time, our iPhone SE/5/5S, 6/6s, and 6 Plus/6S Plus Revolver Lens Kits and Ztylus cases are on sale! With a markdown price up to 50% OFF—it’s a sale you don’t want to miss!


Kamerar BrightCast V15-345 LED Light Panel Review By Curtis Judd

Youtube reviewer, Curtis Judd, recently posted his review on the new Kamerar BrightCast Flexible LED Light Panel! Check it out below!

The Kamerar BrightCast V15-345 LED Light Panel is designed to withstand the most demanding shoots. With an IP67 rating, the LED Panel is water resistant and dust-proof (the IP67 rating is for the LED panel only). The LED panel is protected against rain, splashing and accidental submersion in up to 1m of water. The reinforced frame gives the LED panel increased durability, improving the lifetime durability of the LED panel.

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Christmas Came Early! Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit is Now Available!

The patent pending Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit is finally here! We have teamed up with Kamerar to develop the ZOOM Lens Kit. The Kamerar team designed the housing for the lens kit while we applied our expertise in developing the optics! ZOOM comes with 2 sets of lenses: Fisheye/Telephoto and
Macro Zoom.
Check out the Kamerar ZOOM Lens in Action!
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$10 OFF the Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit!
Come to Booth #36080 and meet the team at CES in Las Vegas from January 5th – 8th. We’re extremely excited about our product lineup for this year and we would love to answer any burning questions you might have. Try out the Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit first hand while you’re here!

NEW RELEASE: Ztylus Slim Apple Pencil Case


The Ztylus Slim Apple Pencil Case is here! Our patent pending Pencil case has been carefully machined from aircraft aluminum, making it one of the toughest, most durable cases for your Apple Pencil on the market.

To celebrate the release of this new product, we are giving you 25% OFF on the new Ztylus Slim Apple Pencil Case!

Use promo code SLIM25 at checkout to get 25% OFF the Ztylus Slim Apple Pencil Case!
The Slim Apple Pencil Case comes in two different colors: black and silver. Choose the color that fits your style!
The Slim Pencil Case is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and hand polished. Each piece is cut to shape then anodized to provide the best durability. The aluminum case is extremely strong and will keep your Apple Pencil safe against daily wear and accidental damage.
The Slim Pencil Case has a thin frame for a sleek and polished look. It gives you the ability to maintain fine control over your Apple Pencil, without sacrificing accuracy.
When you aren’t using the Apple Pencil, retract it into the case to protect the tip from accidental damage. You no longer have to worry about damaging your Apple Pencil when carrying it around. The Ztylus Slim Pencil Case assures you complete, protection while still maintaining that minimalist feel.
The Slim Pencil Case gives you full access to the lightning connector when you need to charge your Apple Pencil. Have access to your lightning connector even when your Apple Pencil is fully extended.
The Slim Pencil Case’s integrated clip not only allows you to clip it onto your clothes or bag, but it also stops your Pencil from rolling away on smooth or angled surfaces.

The World’s First Dual Optics Lens Solution for the iPhone 7 Plus



During the last few months, the Ztylus team has partnered up with Kamerar to develop the optics for their new dual lens system! We applied our expertise in developing lenses, while the Kamerar team designed the housing for the lens kit. We’ve finally reached the end of development and we’re extremely excited to share some information with you. We are proud to announce that we’ve completed development for the first twin lens solution for the iPhone 7 Plus!

We are now ready to introduce you to the world’s first dual lens system: The Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit! ZOOM comes with 2 sets of lenses: the Fisheye/Telephoto lens and the Macro Zoom lens.


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Installation of the case and lens is easy! Just snap the case onto your phone and slide the lens of your choice into the Kamerar ZLK -7PLUS case. The Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit offers full body protection and allows for full access to all of your ports. ZOOM offers an ultra sleek and compact design and gives you the ability to quickly change your lens.


With the Fisheye and Telephoto lenses, you can greatly extend your optical zoom range and capture a variety of shots that you couldn’t achieve with just your phone.

With the overwhelming popularity of the Macro lens, we provide the unique ability to zoom and get extreme close-up detail. Use the Macro Zoom lens with both lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Kamerar SD-1 Slider Dolly MKII Test Footage By AserSantosJr

Youtube user, AserSantosJr  uploaded this quick test video of him using the Kamerar SD-1 Slider Dolly MKII!

The Kamerar SD-1 Mark II  features new four Nylon rollers with adjustable roller bearings on a frictionless polymer coating. Two new balance weight connections have been added on each side of the slider allowing you to add weights or create a pulley system to offer a smoother slide.

Kamerar SD-1 Slider Dolly MKII

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Kamerar SD-1 Slider Dolly MKII

Kamerar Cable Extender For The Dji Osmo/Osmo+ Test Footage By DeeFair23

Youtube user, DeeFair23 uploaded this quick video of him testing out the Kamerar Cable Extender with his DJI Osmo+!

The Kamerar Cable Extender gives you the flexibility to use your DJI Osmo/Osmo+ in ways you never imagined! With the Cable Extender, you can keep the pan and tilt controls at your fingertips while placing the camera in another location.

Kamerar Cable Extender For The DJI OSMO/OSMO+

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Kamerar Cable Extender For The DJI OSMO/OSMO+

30% OFF ALL SLIDERS! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal!



This year’s biggest shopping events have startedBlack Friday and Cyber Monday savings are here! Take 30% OFF all sliders and get FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders through the November 30th.


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The Kamerar Fluid Motion Slider is Here! Get it Now!



Achieve precise control over movement with the Kamerar Fluid Motion Slider. Get professional quality at an affordable price. This feature-packed slider is both extremely sturdy and ultra portable. Get smoother ramped shots with the belt drive and flywheel counterweight system.





The flywheel counterweight system gives you more consistent and smoother slides when compared to a standard slider. The rotating counterweight provides momentum for smooth acceleration and deceleration when creating the perfect panning shot. A handle is included so you can attach it onto the counterweight, giving you a different way to operate the slider with a crank for full control over your camera movements.


It features 6 rollers that slide smoothly on the sturdy carbon fiber rails. With the increased surface area of the rollers, the weight is distributed evenly and noise is greatly reduced while sliding.


The Fluid Motion Slider features a high-grade carbon fiber rail system that is sturdy, yet lightweight. The dual-rail build combined with the aluminum slider carriage work together to create a structurally tough frame that can hold up to 10 lbs of weight.



The Kamerar Brightcast V15-345 Flexible LED Panel is Here!


Our most flexible LED Panel is finally here! Bend your light panel and shape it to your lighting needs with the Kamerar BrightCast V15-345. Control the light in almost any direction imaginable with its unique ability to be squeezed and flexed into tight areas unlike traditional light panels. With its impressive water resistant and dust-proof IP67 rating, the Kamerar BrightCast V15-345 is resilient enough to withstand the most demanding shoots!


unnamed-3 unnamed-2


The ultra thin LED Panel can bend to increase the light spread for maximum area coverage. Curve the corners of your panel or create a cylindrical wrap to create the perfect light shape for your shoot.
With an IP67 rating, the V15-345 is water resistant and dust-proof. The LED panel is protected against rain, splashing and accidental submersion in up to 1m of water. Additionally, the reinforced frame gives the LED panel increased toughness, greatly improving lifetime durability. We’ve drop-tested the LED panel up to 5 ft, making it the most rugged light panel in your arsenal!
The Kamerar BrightCast V15-345 offers the ultimate convenience to achieve precise color. Set the color temperature anywhere between 3200K to 5600K and have complete color control at your finger tips.
 With CRI 96 LEDs, render colors naturally and faithfully. Make your reds, greens and blues look just the way the should with outstanding light quality.