How come the FF-3 Follow Focus will not grip the rubber gear ring when I turn the focus knob?

Make sure you use the hex key to tighten the red nut and also the nut on the support arm. If any point of contact on the FF3 gear is loose, then this can lead to wiggle. Its important all anchor points be firm and offer no room to wiggle.

What is the difference between the MP-2 Dual Rod Camera Mounting Plate and the GB-R Gearbox Rod Adapter Kit?

The MP2 Dual Rod Camera Mounting Plate is made for a shoulder rig kit that allows you to mount the camera directly onto it. The GB-R Rod Adapter Kit is made specifically to work with the GearBox and would need a GearBox to use it.

How come the matte box MAX-1 does not line up to my lens when using a DSLR cage?

1. Try adjusting the height via the rod clamp (make sure you are not raising the camera on the cage).

2. If your camera is sitting to high inside the cage, then you would need to remove the battery grip(if using one). If your camera is to low, try raising your camera inside the cage via a Quick Release Plate Adapter.

3. If it still does not fit, then the MAX1 Matte Box will not work with your type of camera.