How to use the Macro/Super Macro Lens in the Ztylus Switch 6 and Revolver Lite Lens Kit

Macro photography is great for bringing out the extreme close-up details of your subjects. It is especially great for very small subjects and living organisms like insects. The Switch 6 and Revolver Lite Lens Kits each have a set of Macro and Super Macro lenses so you can take your smartphone photography to the next level.

It is very easy to use the Macro/Super Macro Lens to create amazing photos. On the Switch 6 Kit, just slide the second set of the lenses over the iPhone 7 Plus’s lens. For the Revolver Lite, pull up on the lens and rotate it to the Macro/Super Macro set of lenses. Get as close as possible to the subject to achieve perfect focus, and then you can see a very unique point of view. You will be amazed! If the image you are seeing is blurry, don’t worry, just try to get closer to the subject. The focusing distance is about 10mm.

It’s just that easy to slide, focus, and shoot! You will be shooting all of the detail like a pro without any stress!

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